Spring Break Checklist

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Stay Safe, Protected, and Powered up over Spring Break


Ladies and gentlemen, the long awaited week of fun and freedom is finally almost here. With spring break upon us, it’s time to pack up the textbooks and start gathering up the necessities for your trip. Whether you are hitting the beach for some Vitamin D, or headed home for some much needed R & R, there are a few items that any spring breaker should

not be without. Everything on this list is important, but we’ve underlined a few things that we at Battery Joe can help you with specifically!

A PORTABLE PHONE CHARGER for your phone – These little lifesavers come in handy no matter what time of year it is, but especially on Spring Break. Long days spent out on the beach or hanging out with friends doesn’t leave a lot of spare time to charge your battery, nor is it something you should have to worry about. Pack a portable charger this spring break and give your phone a boost no matter where you are!

SUNSCREEN – Everyone loves coming back from spring break looking like a bronzed sun god or goddess, but without applying a little sunscreen before hitting the beach you could end up looking like a flaky-skinned lobster by the end of the week.

WATER – You will want it, trust us. It’s like the battery your body runs on. When you get to your destination, the last thing you are going to want to do is go to the grocery store. Pick up a few things like water and maybe some snacks before you go, and then you can focus on more important things when you finally arrive.

◻ SAFE METHODS OF TRANSPORTATION – Plan how you are going to get around this spring break ahead of time! It is no fun trying to buy a shuttle pass last minute, or trying to find the local cab company number after being out in the sun all day. If you are traveling in your own car, make sure you get your battery’s health checked before your departure to ensure a smooth ride. https://batteryjoe.com/installation-testing/

◻ IN CASE OF EMERGENCY KIT – Pick up an emergency car battery booster in case of an emergency along the way, and keep on breakin’ on. /

CHEAP SUNGLASSES – Losing your Ray Bans or other pricey shades while out on the beach is one way to put a damper on your week, so throw pair of cheap ones in your bag instead!

◻ FRESH BATTERIES and battery tenders for your power sport vehicles – Those jet skis have been in the garage all winter long. Now, it is finally time to dust them off! If your spring break involves water sport vehicles, make sure to check the health of their existing batteries before taking them back out on the water.


◻ An extra pair of beach SANDALS– If you have ever spring break’d at any of popular destinations like South Padre Island, Panama City or Cancun, you know how littered and disgusting the sand gets after just a day or two. Losing a flip-flop on day 2 and having to buy a $25 pair at the souvenir shop next to the hotel will not put you in the best mood, so come prepared!

PHONE PROTECTION – Protect your phone from breaking while you are spring breaking (see our last blog post) by using a screen protector and a case to help prevent any cracked screens!

At Battery Joe, we carry many things that can help make your spring break more enjoyable. And what’s more, Tech Students take 15 percent off with their student IDs. Stop by our location at 19th and Quaker just down the road from Texas Tech and see how we can make your break even more relaxing.