Recreational batteries and you!

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Spring is here, and with spring comes sunshine and more travel!  Before you decide to take out any of your recreational vehicles it’s important to make sure they are working properly.  This includes checking the battery before taking a trip whether it is on a motorcycle or water craft.  A dead battery can put a damper on any occasion; trust me I know from experience!  So don’t make the mistake I did, make sure you are prepared so you can stay on the road or riding the wake.

Motorcycle Batteries

motorcycle-batteries-battery-joeBefore any trip it is important to check your bikes health: tires, engine and you guessed it, the battery! Battery Joe makes the last check simple, just bring your bike in for a quick battery “check up.” If your bike doesn’t check out, we have a wide variety of bike batteries available.  Tip: To help your battery stay healthy, store the battery where it will not freeze in the cold winter months and use a battery maintainer like the Battery Tender Jr. (available at Battery Joe). The last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road when you could be cruising through a winding mountain pass or riding the highway to the coast.

Marine Batteries

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts about warm weather is heading to the lake. Tubing, water skiing and wakeboarding are perfect ways to beat the Texas heat!  Pulling up to the lake with a dead marine battery can ruin anyone’s day, so be prepared with one of Battery Joe’s mamarine-batteries-battery-joeny marine battery chargers with quick connect plugs.  Just like a car battery, marine batteries need to be recharged from time to time, so the best way to keep your boat alive is to keep a battery maintainer (like the Battery Tender Jr.) plugged in when you are not on the water. Keep your battery maintained so you can enjoy the lake all day rather than go home early.

Unfortunately, marine batteries do have to be replaced at some point.  But don’t worry, there is good news I promise!  If you do have to replace your marine battery, Battery Joe has a selections of batteries specially designed to operate under marine conditions. Besides, there are ways to make that new battery last even LONGER than the previous one.  All that you have to do is come to Battery Joe and pick up the aforementioned Battery Tender, some corrosion preventatives and new battery tie downs if yours are broken or missing.  Keeping your battery charged, clean and tightly secured will ensure a long life and security while you are on the water.

So before you hit the lake or the open road stop by Battery Joe to learn about battery health for all your recreational vehicles!