Protect Your Phone Screen From Coronavirus

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Studies have recently found the Novel Coronavirus (known also as COVID-19) can survive on your phone or tablet surfaces for up to nine days. Thankfully, there are some precautions you can take so you can mitigate the possibility of being in contact with the Coronavirus, or any virus or germ when using your smartphone.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Before diving into the products to clean your phone, be sure you are frequently washing your hands, especially before coming into contact with your cell phone screen! The cleaner your hands are when touching your screen, the less chance there is that any germs catch hold to that screen surface.

Disinfecting Your Screen

When discussing cleaning a surface, many people will first think of using rubbing alcohol. Unfortunately, this is not a good route to take! Rubbing alcohol can strip the oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings from your phone which keep oil and water from damaging your display. Along with Clorox Wipes which Apple has recently stated is OK to use on your iPhone screen, WHOOSH! Is an excellent cleaner to use! Found in all of our Battery Joe stores, WHOOSH! Not only removes all of the germs on the surface of your smartphone, but also cleans the screen as well removing any dust or dirt particles.

Using a combination of keeping your hands clean along with using a good cleaner such as WHOOSH!, you are guaranteed to lower your chances of Coronavirus and other viruses and germs from reaching your phone screen. Visit any of our stores to pickup cleaner, screen protectors and more along with our numerous services which can be found below:

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