Cell Phone Chargers

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It is officially the end of summer and the beginning of Fall. There will be Holidays and sporting events on the weekends and possibly some travel involved. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing more disheartening than attending a Texas Tech football game with all of your friends and family, trying to take a lot of pictures and document your great time, when suddenly your phone dies halfway through the game. This has personally happened to me and I immediately thought about how no one would know I was there having a great time. If only I had a way to charge my phone without the typical wall outlet. All my problems would disappear and the fun would go on. Now, it is easy to solve this problem. There are several options to choose from so your phone will stay powered up and make it through that long game day. Conveniently located around the Texas Tech campus are several charging stations. These charging stations are free, and offer charging cables for all iPhones, iPads, and iPods; as well as other smart phones, MP3 players and Kindles. If you aren’t able to go inside these locations here is a list of some alternative options to getting your phone back to life.

Car chargers:

Car chargers are extremely useful when traveling, or if you are on-the-go for the day and will not be around an outlet. The USB charger is simply plugged into the lighter outlet of the vehicle and instantly the phone begins to charge. Tip: do not start your car while your phone is plugged in, there is a potential for a voltage spike that could damage your phone or battery

Higher amp “quick” chargers:  battery_colorful

One variable that determines the amount of time it takes to charge a mobile device is the amount of output the charger is rated for. The more “amps” the charger contains, the quicker the phone will charge. 1.5 to 2 amp chargers are safe for most smart phones. These chargers will get you a pretty good charge in 20-30 min.

New and innovative Qi chargers:

A Qi charging device allows you to wirelessly charge a compatible device’s battery using induction transfer. While you still have to plug it in there is no need for cables or cords. You simply just place your mobile device on top of the wireless pad and the phone will begin to charge. (ask up about qi enabled battery banks that do not need to be plugged in while charging)

Portable chargers:

“Power Pods” or “Battery Banks” are lightweight and portable chargers good for a quick emergency charge. Many contain built-in LED flashlights, include 3 in 1 charging cables and a power level indicator. This is perfect when you are not around a power source, but need phone power. There are many sizes and features to choose from, come see the experts at Battery Joe to find one that will work for you. Now you can enjoy the game and snap all the photos you want without worrying about a dead phone battery!