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Powersport Batteries

Batteries for your ATV, UTV, Dirtbike, Motorcycle, Personal Watercraft. In-Stock and Available Now.

Do you need a new Powersport Battery Replacement for your vehicle? Battery Joe is your trusted location for reliable Powersport Batteries in the West Texas region with store locations in Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, Abilene. We carry numerous brands including Motobatt, NOCO Lithium, Continental, and more with a variety of powersport battery types including Flooded, AGM, and Lithium. Regardless of the vehicle, we will connect you with the right battery with free testing and installation included! Connect with your Battery Joe through the provided links below.

Shop Battery Joe Online! Battery Joe has Batteries and Battery Accessories you can order for either home delivery, or same day in-store pick-up!

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Flooded Powersport Batteries

Free, Same-Day Pick-Up & Delivery Available!

Flooded batteries for Powersports are long-lansing, and durable for most vehicle applications. With proper care and maintenance, most Conventional (Flooded) batteries will last between two and five years before the need of a battery replacement. Battery Joe offers conventional flooded batteries in 6 volt and 12 volt. Our High-performance flooded batteries are built to prevent vibration, jostling, and impact. Brands carried at Battery Joe for Flooded Batteries include: Powersonic and Continental.

Lithium Powersport Batteries

Free, Same-Day Pick-Up & Delivery Available!

Battery Joe also carries Lithium Powersport Batteries including NOCO Lithium Series. The NLP series has an edge to lead-acid powersport batteries as there is no sulfation, no acid, no maintenance, and no water needed. In addition, NOCO Lithium batteries can withstand 50,000 start cycles, and 2,000+ charge cycles giving them a superior advantage for high performance and longevity for any motorcycle, ATV, UTV, PWC, or scooter. Battery Joe carries all battery sizes including: NLP5, NLP9, NLP13, NLP20, and NLP30.

AGM Powersport Batteries

Free, Same-Day Pick-Up & Delivery Available!

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Powersport Batteries, available at all Battery Joe locations, are maintenance-free and ready for use in all types of powersport vehicles. The 12 Volt Continental HDX Series are built for rugged use on rough terrain and typically last three to five years with proper care and maintenance. The HDX series is available in sizes 9 through 30L, and also includes direct threaded terminals with 1-Year free replacement. Battery Joe also carries the Motobatt branded in numerous sizes which are available at all store locations.

Powersport Batteries & Accessories

Free, Same-Day Pick-Up & Delivery Available!

Battery Joe has you covered for all Powersport Battery needs including batteries for your: ATV, UTV, Jet Ski and personal watercraft, Motorcycle, Dirt Bike, Polaris off-Road Vehicles, and more! Our Battery experts will assist you in finding the right battery providing details on Cold Cranking Amps, Reserve Capacity, and Amp-Hours for every battery. In addition to batteries, Battery Joe also carries a wide range of battery accessories including Battery Chargers, Battery Boosters and more with both NOCO and Battery Tender available! Connect with your store through the provided link, or learn more about our other services we provide in the section below.

Batteries For Everything, Device Repair & More

Battery Joe provides quality, same-day Cell Phone and Tablet Repairs along with batteries for everything for the West Texas Region including in Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, and Abilene, Texas. We have you covered for Car, Marine, Powersport, Lawn & Garden, Watch & Household Batteries, and more along with numerous accessories, gadgets and seasonal items! Our Car Batteries include FREE installations and FREE testing. We even provide same day on-site services at all Battery Joe Store Locations. Browse our services and products in the links below. We are open 8am-7pm Monday through Friday and 9am-6pm on Saturday.

Automotive Car Batteries at Battery Joe

Automotive Batteries ►

Batteries for your Car, SUV or Truck including AGM with FREE installs & testing. In addition, we offer FREE same day on-site services in town.

Quality iPhone Repairs at Battery Joe

iPhone Repairs ►

We repair all iPhone models including screens, Battery Replacements, Charging Ports, and more! iPhone Screen Repairs start at only $49.99!

Quality iPad Tablet Repairs at Battery Joe

iPad Tablet Repairs ►

Our repair experts complete quality iPad repairs for all makes and models. Tablet Repairs include: Screen, Battery, Charging Port, and more.

Household Alkaline Batteries at Battery Joe

Household Batteries ►

At Battery Joe, we have Batteries for Everything including all batteries for your household. 48 Total AA or AAA Alkaline for only $10.99!

Phone Accessories at Battery Joe

Phone Accessories ►

We carry all of your needed phone accessories including: Android & iPhone Cases, Charging Cables, Charging Blocks, Phone Mounts, etc.

Battery Chargers, Boosters, and Jump Starters at Battery Joe

Boosters & Chargers ►

Battery Joe has you covered for jump starters, boosters, and chargers for your battery needs including: NOCO, Battery Tender, and more!

Powersport Batteries at Battery Joe

Powersport Batteries ►

Batteries for your ATV, UTV, & Personal Watercraft. We carry: Lithium, Maintenance Free, Conventional, AGM Factory Sealed, and more.

Golf Cart Batteries at Battery Joe

Golf Cart Batteries ►

Quality Batteries for all Golf Cart Makes and Models. Free testing included! Brands include Trojan, Contientnal and more.

Boat & Marine Batteries at Battery Joe

Boat/Marine Batteries ►

Battery Joe carries numerous marine batteries: Starting, Deep Cycle, and Dual Purpose Batteries. We also carry AGM Marine Batteries.

Camper and RV Batteries at Battery Joe

Camper, RV Batteries ►

Our selection of RV batteries ensure a smooth trip that won’t leave you stranded including: AGM, Flooded, and Gel Deep-Cycle Lead Acid.

Lawn Mower Batteries at Battery Joe

Lawn Batteries ►

Your go-to destination for lawn tractor batteries providing plenty of cranking amps. We'll find the right batteries for your equipment.

Seasonal Items at Battery Joe

Seasonal Items ►

Battery Joe has you covered for seasonal items including: Tumblers, Coolers, and more. View our selection for both in-store and online!

Farm & Ranch Agriculture Batteries at Battery Joe

Agriculture Batteries ►

Battery Joe provides all of your Commercial, Farming, and Ranching Battery needs. We will work with you to complete any custom project.

Wind & Solar Batteries at Battery Joe

Wind, Solar Batteries ►

Battery Joe has all of your battery needs for Solar Energy, Wind Energy and other Renewable Services at a cost-efficient price.