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Motorcycle Batteries


Battery Joe offers the best quality motorcycle batteries for your motorcycle ride! We carry all types of batteries including: NOCO Lithium, Motobatt, and Continental. Our battery experts will find the right battery for your specific motorcycle and needs. We offer conventional ‘flooded’ batteries, maintenance free batteries, lithium batteries, as well as AGM factory sealed batteries. Whether you are in Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, or Abileme, Texas, Battery Joe is your go-to place for quality motorcycle batteries at the right price! Find a store location below where a Battery Joe expert can find you the right battery or browse our new ecommerce website!


Here’s a tip from the pros- allow your batteries to live up their full potential by protecting them from temperamental weather. When storing your motorcycle battery, it is important to maintain the voltage while also sheltering your battery from the elements and temperature. If indoor parking isn’t available for your ride, you can also remove the battery and store it in a protected place indoors. Battery Joe carries low voltage maintenance chargers at a great value that can be used safely for months at a time. Stop by your local Lubbock, Amarillo, Abilene, or Midland Battery Joe today to learn more about maintaining the charge and protecting your motorcycle batteries properly!

Top Quality Motorcycle Batteries

At Battery Joe we only sell the best quality batteries for your motorcycle with professionals in all of our stores ready to help you with any questions or assistance needed. We also offer FREE battery tests for all motorcycle batteries to ensure that you indeed are in need of a new battery. From Harley-Davidson to Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris and more, Battery Joe will take care of all of your motorcycle needs!


Our Conventional Batteries at Battery Joe have a 6 month warranty and come in a variety of shapes and sizes for your motorcycle. These flooded or ‘wet cell’ batteries hold very good rates of charge for the price and are filled up at the time of purchase. In addition, conventional batteries do have access caps to add distilled water should the acid level fall low.


Our Maintenance Free Batteries at Battery Joe have a 9 month warranty. These batteries can only be filled one time and provide higher power for your powersport vehicle or motorcycle when compared to conventional batteries.


Lithium Batteries offered at Battery Joe include a 1 year warranty. These batteries provide superior power and have a lightweight build which are up to 8 pounds lighter than other batteries reducing the top-end weight for your motorcycle when on the road. As lithium batteries provide the latest technology, they are vastly more reliable than standard batteries.


Our AGM Factory Sealed Batteries have a 1 year warranty and provide the highest power in comparison to other motorcycle batteries. These batteries require no filling and are ready to use right off the shelf. In addition, AGM batteries give you increased power and reliability for your offroad vehicles.

Find Your Store Location

Providing all of your car battery and truck battery needs, we currently have eight different Battery Joe store locations across the state of Texas. We provide a variety of services to our customers including free car battery installations, testing, and more! We also provide services at your location such as car battery testing or jump starting your car. We will always provide the best services possible for our customers.

Reviews and Testimonials

At Battery Joe we aim to provide the best services in a variety of areas outside of motorcycle batteries as well. Whether you arrive early to drop your phone off for a repair or arrive late to pick up your phone or tablet, we will always go the extra mile when it comes to availability.

Donica J. - Abilene, Texas

"Great customer service! We were just passing through town and needed a battery for our older model phone, but they didn't have a new one that fit. So the service guy then proceeded to look through their box of batteries that were going to be recycled, and he found one that worked!!! Super friendly, helpful, and professional service!!"

Justin K. - Abilene, Texas

"They worked quickly and were reasonable in price. My teenage daughter has broken her phone several times and every time they have fixed it quickly. They have saved us so much money!"

Jason M. - Midland, Texas

"Great experience! They replaced my iPhone screen in less than 45min on a Sat, in Midland!!! Couldn't have been more friendly, HIGHLY recommend!"

Sharmin H. - Amarillo, Texas

"I have always gotten good service! The staff are very knowledgeable and always answer my million zillions of questions! I have referred friends and will continue to do so. Great place!"

Javier V. - Lubbock, Texas

"All your battery needs from boat,car,toys and watches. I had batteries for both my watches replaced the staff was curtious and very professional."