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Marine Batteries

Battery Joe is your go-to destination for quality Marine Batteries! We have you covered for all types of Marine Batteries including: Deep Cycle Batteries, Dual Purpose Batteries, Starting Batteries, and AGM Batteries! All Marine Batteries include FREE testing. We will find the right brand and model to fit your needs. Learn more about our Marine Batteries below, and connect with your local Battery Joe Store through the provided links. Our Battery experts at all locations will help answer any questions you have on our Batteries.

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Starting Marine Batteries

Free, Same-Day Pick-Up & Delivery Available!

Battery Joe’s marine starting batteries give you quick and strong power to take you to the next level! Along with being the ideal battery for speedboats, starting batteries are also efficient in providing the needed power to your inboard or outboard motor along with accessories such as marine stereos, radios, and boat lighting. Our Continental Marine Battery line (M24-1000 Pictured) is the best solution for your boating needs!

Dual Purpose Marine Batteries

Free, Same-Day Pick-Up & Delivery Available!

Are you in need of a marine battery that takes care of all areas? Then look no further! Our dual purpose batteries provide both the cycling capacity needed to keep your devices and accessories running well along with the strong starting power needed for your boat engine. Our Continental Marine Battery line (TM27 Pictured) is the best solution for your boating needs!

Deep Cycle Marine Batteries

Free, Same-Day Pick-Up & Delivery Available!

Deep cycle batteries provide both a heavy charge and discharge cycle which makes this type of marine battery perfect if you are looking for long-standing power. A deep cycle marine battery is the best option if you are operating a depth finder, fish locator, livewell pump for your boat, or a trolling motor. Our Continental Marine Battery line (TM24 Pictured) is the best solution for your boating needs!

Batteries For Everything, Device Repair & More

Battery Joe provides quality, same-day Cell Phone and Tablet Repairs along with batteries for everything for the West Texas Region including in Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, and Abilene, Texas. We have you covered for Car, Marine, Powersport, Lawn & Garden, Watch & Household Batteries, and more along with numerous accessories, gadgets and seasonal items! Our Car Batteries include FREE installations and FREE testing. We even provide same day on-site services at all Battery Joe Store Locations. Browse our services and products in the links below. We are open 8am-7pm Monday through Friday and 9am-6pm on Saturday.

Automotive Car Batteries at Battery Joe

Automotive Batteries ►

Batteries for your Car, SUV or Truck including AGM with FREE installs & testing. In addition, we offer FREE same day on-site services in town.

Quality iPhone Repairs at Battery Joe

iPhone Repairs ►

We repair all iPhone models including screens, Battery Replacements, Charging Ports, and more! iPhone Screen Repairs start at only $49.99!

Quality iPad Tablet Repairs at Battery Joe

iPad Tablet Repairs ►

Our repair experts complete quality iPad repairs for all makes and models. Tablet Repairs include: Screen, Battery, Charging Port, and more.

Household Alkaline Batteries at Battery Joe

Household Batteries ►

At Battery Joe, we have Batteries for Everything including all batteries for your household. 48 Total AA or AAA Alkaline for only $10.99!

Phone Accessories at Battery Joe

Phone Accessories ►

We carry all of your needed phone accessories including: Android & iPhone Cases, Charging Cables, Charging Blocks, Phone Mounts, etc.

Battery Chargers, Boosters, and Jump Starters at Battery Joe

Boosters & Chargers ►

Battery Joe has you covered for jump starters, boosters, and chargers for your battery needs including: NOCO, Battery Tender, and more!

Powersport Batteries at Battery Joe

Powersport Batteries ►

Batteries for your ATV, UTV, & Personal Watercraft. We carry: Lithium, Maintenance Free, Conventional, AGM Factory Sealed, and more.

Golf Cart Batteries at Battery Joe

Golf Cart Batteries ►

Quality Batteries for all Golf Cart Makes and Models. Free testing included! Brands include Trojan, Contientnal and more.

Boat & Marine Batteries at Battery Joe

Boat/Marine Batteries ►

Battery Joe carries numerous marine batteries: Starting, Deep Cycle, and Dual Purpose Batteries. We also carry AGM Marine Batteries.

Camper and RV Batteries at Battery Joe

Camper, RV Batteries ►

Our selection of RV batteries ensure a smooth trip that won’t leave you stranded including: AGM, Flooded, and Gel Deep-Cycle Lead Acid.

Lawn Mower Batteries at Battery Joe

Lawn Batteries ►

Your go-to destination for lawn tractor batteries providing plenty of cranking amps. We'll find the right batteries for your equipment.

Seasonal Items at Battery Joe

Seasonal Items ►

Battery Joe has you covered for seasonal items including: Tumblers, Coolers, and more. View our selection for both in-store and online!

Farm & Ranch Agriculture Batteries at Battery Joe

Agriculture Batteries ►

Battery Joe provides all of your Commercial, Farming, and Ranching Battery needs. We will work with you to complete any custom project.

Wind & Solar Batteries at Battery Joe

Wind, Solar Batteries ►

Battery Joe has all of your battery needs for Solar Energy, Wind Energy and other Renewable Services at a cost-efficient price.