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Monday-Friday: 8:56 AM – 6:04 PM
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Midland Batteries: Our Bread and Butter

Looking for batteries in Midland, Texas?  In addition to our vast stock of vehicle batteries and chargers, we carry all of the batteries, both disposable and rechargeable, for your tech accessories as well. And what fun would batteries be without the gadgets to go with them? Our tech-savvy staff keep a rotating inventory of some of the coolest gadgets on the market, from outdoor accessories to solar-powered charging panels, to drones and RC cars for the kids.

Car Batteries

Midland Phone Repair

At Battery Joe we know how crucial a functioning smartphone is in your day to day life. When something happens to your phone, it can really turn your life upside down. At Battery Joe, we are your Midland phone repair experts.  Our Securepair certified phone repair technicians have the knowledge and experience to repair any device. Our quality parts will also assure that your device is repaired properly, and that your phone repair won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Want to learn more? Visit our Midland phone repair page by clicking the button below.

Midland Phone Repair

Auto & Tech Accessories

Our Midland Battery store is now open  We carry replacement Batteries for watches, phones, laptops, and any other small electronic you own. We also do commercial applications like oil field, alternative energy, biomedical, construction, IT, and much more. To top it off, we all have replacement batteries for all kinds of vehicles from cars and trucks to motorcycles, golf carts, and boats. If we don’t have the battery you need, we’ll find it and order it for you! Along with on-site install that comes free with the purchase of any battery, we also carry everything you need to maintain, charge and care for your precious electrical components.