Free Jumpstarts + Car Battery Installation + Testing + Boosting

Extreme weather can be punishing on your car battery and here in West Texas we experience those extremes frequently. With the wide open spaces of West Texas it is important to know that your car or truck battery is ready to perform at all times. It is a terrible feeling when you get in your vehicle to go somewhere and hear nothing but the dreaded silence of a bad battery.

At Battery Joe we never want you to get stuck out in the cold (or heat)

In the summer, heat can reach over 100 degrees and those temperatures can accelerate the sulfation process in a car battery rendering it useless. During Winter, cold temperatures can get well below freezing. Extreme cold deprives your battery of voltage and can turn a marginal battery into a dead one.

We Offer:
  • Free car battery, charging and starting system test
  • Honest assesment of your battery’s health
  • Free jumpstarts – even if you do not have one of our batteries.*Within the city limits where one of our stores are present
  • Free installation of any car or truck battery purchased from us
  • Instalation of batteries on other types of vehicles, such as RVs and Golf Carts for a small service fee

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