Eco Joe


We live in an increasingly portable world. With new advances in technology we have the ability to “cut the cords” of our devices more and more. Unfortunately for our land this means a greater and greater demand for battery technology. Batteries are made up of many different compounds such as nickel, lithium, cadmium, zinc and silver oxides. All of these can pollute landfills and be harmful to ground water if not handled properly.

At Battery Joe we understand our part in this issue and have dedicated ourselves to the issue of recycling, rebuilding and reuse.

At Our stores you will find:
  • Free recycling of any type of battery. Just drop them off at any location.
  • Rebuilding services for common tool and device batteries.
  • Refurbished, low cost car batteries offered as a low cost alternative to new ones.

Make Me Green

As an area leader in renewable energy, we can help you “go green”, gain energy independence, and save money. We can provide all types of systems from simple solar yard lights to complete-house, off the grid systems. Click below and let us tell you more.