Booster Packs

Where we live in West Texas, we get to experience summer heat over 100 degrees and winter cold well below freezing. These extreme temperature swings can be really hard on your vehicles battery. A marginal battery that seems perfectly fine during the moderate temperatures of fall may go completely dead on the first freezing day of winter.

Well prepared drivers take precautions for themselves and for others around them by keeping an automotive booster pack in their car. These units have been available for years but only recently has lithium technology made these devices a truly powerful emergency tool. You can read more about Lithium Battery Technology here.

Battery Joe carries a full line of both old style and new Lithium booster packs. The new packs will not only boost almost any vehicle but are light weight, compact and feature ultra-bright flashlights and USB ports to charge your phone or other devices in an emergency.

Ask us about our Power All, Jump-And-Go, Energizer or Rescue Series booster packs. Be prepared for the next time you or someone around you needs a little “boost”.

Don't get stranded!

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