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Prevent Damage to Your Car Battery From Hot Weather

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Extreme weather can be detrimental to your car or truck battery. This is especially true when temperature comes into play with the general perception that extreme cold weather will affect your car battery’s performance. This is in fact true, but believe it or not extreme heat actually has a far greater impact than the cold! How can this be the case? Let’s take a closer look!

How Can Heat Affect Your Car Battery?

With the average daily high temperature increasing as we dive into the Summer season, the chances that your car battery is impacted rise dramatically. The average lifespan of a car battery is three to seven years, but this time span will reduce greatly in warmer-climate areas. First off, the excessive heat your car battery endures helps to accelerate the battery’s chemical operation which causes the battery fluid to evaporate. This lack of battery fluid then permanently damages the internal structure of the car battery. In addition, the amount of sulfates affecting the battery increases with heat which puts a constant strain on your battery. Recent tests have shown that every 15 degrees the temperature rises, the life of a typical car battery decreases by 50%! For instance, a car battery which should last 10 years at a temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit might only last 5 years at 92 degrees. This is quite a significant change in lifespan, but thankfully there are precautions you can take with the assistance of our services and products at Battery Joe to reduce the impact!


Reduce the Damage of Hot Weather on Your Battery!

When it comes to preserving your car battery’s lifespan, the first precaution you should take is parking your car or truck in a shaded area as much as possible. This simple change to your everyday life will reduce the amount of extreme heat affecting your battery. In addition, you need to make sure you routinely clean and maintain your car battery. Battery Joe provides a variety of these products such as Whip Battery Protector which stops battery corrosion from occurring. Last but not least, getting your Car battery tested every so often will let you know how well it is performing. Battery Joe also provides FREE car battery testing for all batteries you bring into our store. We also offer remote services as well where we can run these tests at your location and even provide free jump-starts if needed! If an issue is found, our associates will advise you on the best route to take.

Useful Services at Battery Joe

Are you at the point where a new car battery is needed? Not a problem! Battery Joe provides quality car batteries through their Evermax line with the best price-point in the area! In addition, Battery Joe also offers FREE installation for all batteries either at one of our stores, or at your specific location through our pick-up & delivery service. Our SLI battery prices are $119.99 with a two-year warranty and $139.99 for a three-year warranty battery. If you have any further questions needing an answer, our associates at Battery Joe are always ready to help!    

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Protect Your Phone Screen From Coronavirus

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Studies have recently found the Novel Coronavirus (known also as COVID-19) can survive on your phone or tablet surfaces for up to nine days. Thankfully, there are some precautions you can take so you can mitigate the possibility of being in contact with the Coronavirus, or any virus or germ when using your smartphone.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Before diving into the products to clean your phone, be sure you are frequently washing your hands, especially before coming into contact with your cell phone screen! The cleaner your hands are when touching your screen, the less chance there is that any germs catch hold to that screen surface.

Disinfecting Your Screen

When discussing cleaning a surface, many people will first think of using rubbing alcohol. Unfortunately, this is not a good route to take! Rubbing alcohol can strip the oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings from your phone which keep oil and water from damaging your display. Along with Clorox Wipes which Apple has recently stated is OK to use on your iPhone screen, WHOOSH! Is an excellent cleaner to use! Found in all of our Battery Joe stores, WHOOSH! Not only removes all of the germs on the surface of your smartphone, but also cleans the screen as well removing any dust or dirt particles.

Using a combination of keeping your hands clean along with using a good cleaner such as WHOOSH!, you are guaranteed to lower your chances of Coronavirus and other viruses and germs from reaching your phone screen. Visit any of our stores to pickup cleaner, screen protectors and more along with our numerous services which can be found below:

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The Right Battery Booster For You

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You are traveling cross-country during the hottest part of the Summer and spend the night at an Airbnb close to the Grand Canyon with your family. The following morning, the day starts off on a bad note – your car will not start and you are miles away from a technician available for help!!! How can you be prepared for this???

Simple Answer: Purchase a Battery Booster for your car!

What Is A Battery Booster?

A battery booster (also known as a portable jump starter) is an easier and more convenient way to jump start your vehicle’s dead battery. Rather than using jumper cables from a powered car to your car containing the dead battery, the battery booster is only needed making the process much simpler. In addition, a second car is not needed which helps you if you are in extreme remote areas where a second car is not available.

What Kind Is Right For Me?

The type of battery booster which is right for you depends on the type of battery your vehicle contains. At Battery Joe, we recommend going with the NOCO Battery Boosters as these feature safety technology which provide spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protections. In addition to being a battery booster, this line also doubles as a portable power source for recharging USB devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Within the battery boosters our store recommends and provides, the boosters can be categorized into four separate version based on your vehicle:

  • Sport & Car (4650 joules)
  • Car & Truck (7000 joules)
  • Heavy Duty (15700 joules)
  • Professional (22500 joules)

To get more information, check out NOCO’s website which has further details.

Whether you plan on traveling cross country or you would like to simply have a quick fix to your car battery not starting, battery boosters are highly recommended for your next drive. Want to learn more? Visit our store where our associates will help you find the right booster for your specific car. In addition, Battery Joe offers the best prices you will find in town!

The Right Time to Replace Your Phone Battery

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With more and more people experiencing slower speeds on their iPhones and Android devices it is important that older batteries are not overlooked as the main corporate. Along with slower performance times, most people might not know some of the other signs that it is indeed time to swap that old battery out. If you have had your phone for quite some time (over two years) or have seen a gradual decline in your battery’s phone life then take note of these other potential signs below.

The Phone Works Great…When Plugged In

One of the easiest signs to identify an Android or iPhone battery issue is testing the device when plugged in and from the battery. When in battery mode, if you notice your phone only works for a minute or not at all then it is almost certain that you have a battery issue. Need a 2nd opinion? Our staff at Battery Joe offer FREE inspections and Quotes of any Android or iPhone device!

Your Smartphone is Running Hot. Real Real Hot

Under normal circumstances, your iPhone or Android will run warm when it’s running high performance applications or numerous processes at once. Within the phone, the lithium-ion batteries are shielded from other parts of your phone to prevent overheating and are also made to internalize the heat created. The issue arises when your phone goes from warm to very hot. Especially when charging your iPhone or Android. If you are experiencing this issue with your phone then it is for sure time to get your battery replaced.

The Battery is Swollen/Outgrown the Phone Case

A swollen phone battery is one of the main indicators that you need a replacement. If you are uncertain if the battery is swollen or not, other issues to check include: a hazy white screen, movement of the screen when the edge are pinched on your phone, and/or separation of the screen to the body of the phone. If you detect any of these issues, be sure to take your phone to the nearest Battery Joe where we can fix it for you and replace your phone battery. Otherwise, be extremely cautious when removing the battery as you do not want to puncture it.

Rest assured, if you do begin seeing the issues mentioned above, there is a much cheaper option than replacing the entire phone. Along with replacing phone batteries, Battery Joe also offers screen replacements, tablet repairs, and a variety of other battery services with FREE installations and quotes included.



Save Your Car Battery This Summer

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As we continue into August of this year, there is no better time than now to be closely monitoring your car battery. The Summer months are always the hardest on car batteries due to the intense hot weather we experience during this time. With that said, there are things you can look out for to determine when a car battery is on it’s last leg and things you can do to extend the life of your battery. Before we dive into these two areas, let’s first take a look at what causes car batteries to die.

When dealing with car batteries there are a couple of reasons why car batteries may abruptly quit working or lose their momentum faster. The first goes directly to human error. This could be from something such as leaving your car lights on by accident when you get home or forgetting to close the trunk. A situation like this can leave you with a dead battery the following morning. If this does happen to you – rest-assured. Battery Joe provides off-site battery replacement and services whether at your home or even in the airport parking lot!

The second most common reason for dead car batteries (aside from age) in our region is the extreme temperature. When temperatures creep over the 100 degree mark, this results in sulfate crystals building up at a much faster rate. What does this lead to? – a longer period of time taken to charge your battery and eventually permanent damage. As you can see below, our region is in the second lowest battery expectancy zone due to the intense heat:

Along with the two most common reasons for car batteries dying, here are some other things which hurt car battery performance and lifespan:
  • Faulty Charging
  • Parasitic Drain
  • Defective Alternator
  • Excessive Short Drives
  • Loose or Corroded Battery Cables
  • Old Age

Fortunately, if you do run into any of these problems, Battery Joe can always determine what the problem is and fit your vehicle with the perfect replacement to get you back on the road.

What to Look Out For?

Even though it is a good idea to routinely change your battery every 3 years or so, there are some signs which can help you determine whether or not your battery is on it’s last leg:

  • Check Engine Light: Sometimes your check engine light will appear when the power in your battery is weak
  • Swelling Battery Case: If the casing of your battery looks bloated, this could be due to excessive heating and also a sign of a dying battery.
  • Battery Leak: Leaking and/or gunk forming around the posts of your battery (where the + and – signs are located) can indicate a damaged battery which may not start in the near future.
  • Slow Engine Crank: When starting your vehicle, if you notice the cranking is slow or takes longer.

How to Extend the Battery Life?

Now that we have covered the signs of a dying or damaged battery, let’s go through how you can prolong the life of your battery. Here are some of the main ways:

  • Double Check that all lights are turned off when you exit the vehicle.
  • Limit Short Rides When You Can: Quick drives will keep your battery from fully charging.
  • Buy a Portable Car Battery Charger: When you are not driving your vehicle for an extended amount of time, these portable charger can jump your battery without the need of another car.
  • Test Your Battery Frequently: Knowing the state of your car’s battery is important when determining how much longer you can use it. Testing your battery’s voltage output level with a car battery tester is recommended. You can find one of these in our Battery Joe stores.
  • Turn off Electronics When Your Car Isn’t running: Disabling things such as your radio and air conditioner when your engine is off will put less of a burden on your car battery and thus prolonging its lifespan.

Identifying signs of a potential dying car battery is important as well as maintaining good practices to further the lifespan of your battery. Whether in Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland or the Abilene area, we are always ready to help you at the store or at your specific location! Feel free to head into one of our stores where we offer FREE car battery servicing and installations! Learn more about these as well as other products which will help you maintain a healthy car and car battery here:

Sources: Tires Plus, your Mechanic, Firestone, Now From Nationwide

Jumpstarting A Car Without Another Car

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Jump Starting a Car with a Booster Pack from Battery Joe

Jump starting a car is, unfortunately, something many people have had to do over the years, and always, it seems, in the worst circumstances. It used to be that you had to wait for a family member or the kindness of a stranger to help you jump your car. This also meant you had to carry jumper cables around or hope that this stranger or family member had a set in their car. Luckily with the advancement of modern technology and advancements in lithium battery technology, you no longer need a second car or person to help you jump your car. Using a booster pack will help you get your car back up and running in no time!

A Booster Pack should be carried in your Car

The first thing you need is obviously a booster pack in your car. This, and a spare tire, are probably two of the most important accessories to always have in your vehicle. At Battery Joe, we stalk a variety of high-efficiency chargers in many different sizes. Make sure that the charger you get is rated to you’re your particular vehicle. It’s also important to make sure your booster pack is charged. Having a dead booster pack is completely useless. Check it every 30-90 days to make sure it is fully operational so you can have it when you need it.

How to use a Booster Pack

So, your car battery is dead, your booster pack is charged and ready to save you, so what now?

Turn of Your Vehicle

Make sure your vehicle is turned off!!! Do not mess with any part of your car’s battery without the ignition being off first.

Locate your Battery

Pop your hood and locate your battery, typically it is a black box, and will have a red and black rubber stopper over two metal posts. DO NOT EVER allow the black and red clamps on the booster pack to touch each other or touch a common metal conductor. This can cause damage to your battery pack, your vehicle battery, and can cause a spark or explosion.

Connect the Battery Pack to Your Car Battery

Make sure your battery pack is also off, and take the red connector, which is positive (+), and connect it to the metal post that indicates positive (+), often it will have a red rubber stopped covering the metal post. Now take the black clamp (-), which is negative, and secure it to a grounding point. Typically, this can be any metal part of the vehicle, most often the frame of the vehicle. Once this is done, turn on the booster pack and get into your car.

Try to Start Your Car

You are going to turn your ignition in bursts of 5-6 seconds, any more than that and it can damage your pack and the car. Once the engine turns over, turn off the booster pack and disconnect the black clamp FIRST. After the black clamp is disconnected, then disconnect the red clamp.

Drive Your Car

The best thing to do next is to get on the highway and drive for at least 20 minutes to recharge your battery. Once you get home, make sure you charge the booster pack before returning it to your car.

Get your battery tested at Battery Joe

Find a Battery Joe Location near you so that we can test your battery and make sure there is not any damage to the battery.

Booster Packs are Great Tools

The booster pack is a great tool to carry with you to ensure you are back on the road quickly and don’t need to rely on someone else coming to help. For more information visit our web page about Battery Joe’s Booster packs.

Water Damage: How to Save your Phone from Being All Washed Up

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Most of us have experienced it before: that heart-stopping moment as you watch your phone hurdle down toward that puddle, or pool, or in some very unlucky cases, the toilet. Fixing a water damaged phone can prove to be extremely difficult, but there are some things you can try that can potentially bring your phone back from the brink of death.

Act Fast

Remove your phone from the water immediately. The longer it is submerged, the more damage is being caused. So move quickly and get it out of there!

Turn It Off

The first thing you should do as soon as you retrieve your phone is turn it off. A lot of people make the mistake of immediately trying to turn on their phone to see if it still works, effectively causing it to short circuit. Taking out the battery or performing a hard shutdown on phones that do not have access to the battery are the best options. And if your phone was already off when it became submerged, DO NOT turn it back on yet.

Make a Path

After you shut your phone down, the next step is to open up your phone as much as possible to create paths for the water to exit. Remove any outer protective case you may have on so that you are working with a bare phone. This includes taking off the back cover, removing the battery, SIM card, memory card, and any headphones you might have had plugged in. Note: If you have a battery that cannot be removed easily, don’t try to remove it. You don’t want to risk damaging your phone even further

Rinse It

If you dropped your phone into water that was unsanitary, salty or any other liquid, rinse it under a stream of clean tap water to flush it out.

Drain It

Shake it. Tilt it. Blow into it. Do everything you can to get as much water out of it as possible.

Open It

Open the case of your phone to allow air to get in. If you’re not sure how to do this correctly, there are many tutorials online. You can also bring it into Battery Joe, we’d be happy to help.

Dry It Up

Now it’s time to dry your phone. You may have heard that sticking your phone in rice is the best way to absorb water from it, but there are actually a few other solutions that work much better. Try putting it near a fan or in a room with a ceiling fan to improve air flow. If you were planning on using an absorbent, silica gel is probably your best option. This can be bought in stores as “crystal” cat litter. Instant couscous or instant rice work much better than conventional rice and can be used as a suitable replacement to silica gel.

Leave It

Leave your phone alone for a few days. Do NOT try to turn it on until you are absolutely sure that the water trapped in tight spaces or in the circuit boards have had more than enough time to dry completely.

Test It Out

Once your phone is completely dry and put back together try turning it on. If it is still not working, charge it for a few hours and try it again. If there is still no response after charging, you might need to replace the battery. Battery Joe would be happy to help you out with this part, and we can change your iPhone batteries as well. If all else fails, be sure to hold on to your SIM and SD cards to save your contacts and possibly some data.

Hopefully, these few simple steps can save you from a big headache in the future, and if not, be sure to stop by Battery Joe and stock up on accessories for your new phone!

Be Prepared for a Power Outage

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In West Texas we tend to get late spring and summer lightning storms, and they are no joke! I know in the past few years, I have experienced power outages, some lasting as long as 6 hours. From experience, I have come up with a list of things it is good to have in case of a power outage this spring or summer.

Putting together your lights-out box

matchThe first and probably most office item you’ll want in your box are flashlights. These will help you get around the house without knocking things over or hurting yourself. Flashlights will also help you navigate through your box to get other essentials. Another smart option is a headlamp. These are easy to strap on your head, and while they may look a little cheesy, they are much handier than a flashlight because they are hands free.

The second suggestion I have is a battery-powered radio. This way you can listen to the news and find out what is going on. Your television will not work and your laptop, tablet or phone may not have access to an internet connection during an outage, so it is worth having a radio. If the storm is severe, it is valuable to have a radio to hear all information to further prepare for what could be coming toward your home.

If your electronics are low on battery or you fear that could be the case when a power outage occurs, purchase some battery-powered chargers and keep an extra charger cord in the bin. It’s better to buy an extra charger cord than to try and find the last place you were charging your phone or tablet in the dark.

Another suggestion I have is to keep a supply of candles, crayons and lighters in the box. I personally have a small pack of generic lighters and a few big candles in my box, but if you need light and have crayons they work too! These are good for having some stationary light. I like to light up my kitchen and living room during a power outage with candles. I also keep a couple decks of cards in my box, so my family or friends and I can play cards to kill the time. If you have kids, coloring books or sticker books are a good idea. Or even a storybook to keep the whole family entertained.

You should also keep snacks and water bottles in your box. You don’t want to open the fridge when your power is out because the fridge is off. If you open your fridge, the cold air can escape and end up ruining all of your refrigerated food.

batteriesThe final and one of the most important items to keep in your lights-out box is extra batteries that work with your headlamp, flashlights, radio and battery power chargers. Without extra batteries, you may not be able to use the majority of the items listed above.

I hope this blog post helps you and all of the people who live with you to be prepared for any sort of power outages that West Texas may face this storm season. It pays off to be prepared for any emergency situation, so start making your lights-out box today!

Why is Recycling Old Batteries Important? 

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By: Marlee Ingham

In more recent years, recycling and being environmentally friendly is discussed and acted upon much more than it was. More people are worried about leaving a negative impact on the world through not recycling and leaving items that are not biodegradable in landfills. There are so many different things people can do to help the environment such as bringing their own bags to the store, drying clothes on a line rather than in a machine or recycling old soda cans and newspapers. With a push to keep the earth clean many companies are helping push people toward a more green lifestyle. Battery Joe has created a simple way for everyone to recycle and significantly improve the earth’s health by recycling batteries at any of the Battery Joe locations.


Did you know that 95% of a battery is recyclable?

Batteries are made out of many natural resources and chemicals. Some of these include lead, zinc, mercury, lithium, and cadmium. I’m sure you’ve heard of some of these items, I would assume you’ve heard of lithium because of lithium batteries and lead because of lead paint. We know from experience that these things can be bad for the environment if not contained properly. Knowing that these chemicals are held inside of batteries may seem overwhelming when considering the footprint your trash may leave on the earth. But if you just drop your batteries at Battery Joe, we do the rest, it’s so simple to make a big difference in the proper containment of chemicals. Just throwing batteries out could result in more harm in the environment than there should be, this is why battery stores throughout the country take recycling seriously and offer simple to use recycling programs like Battery Joe.

What will these chemicals do if they aren’t recycled?

If someone was to throw their batteries in the trash can, the garbage man would come and pick up the trash, and it would end up in a landfill. Over time the casing around the battery would eventually erode. Once this occurs the chemicals within the battery are able to leak out into the soil or water near the landfill. This causes soil and water pollution, and if 4 or 5 batteries were thrown out at once it is even more. It may not seem like much of an issue but think about how often you throw out batteries. over a year this adds up, and if everyone on your street and in your neighborhood is doing it, there could be some serious consequences in your community due to soil and water pollution. Remember that 95% of the contents in those batteries could have been recycled and all you had to do was drop some batteries in a green bin instead of your trash can.

Some people’s trash is not thrown in a landfill but it is instead incinerated. So what is the effect of batteries that are incinerated along with the rest of your trash? Air pollution. By choosing to set batteries aside and recycle them properly we can help prevent soil, air, and water pollution. Things we take for granted every day, we can’t even imagine what we’d do without them, so it is our duty to try and protect them.

Where can I recycle my batteries?

Amarillo Phone Repair and Batteries, Battery Joe

Some battery stores have areas in their stores where you can recycle old batteries, such as Battery Joe locations. You just swing by, drop your old batteries in a green recycling bucket and then Battery Joe takes care of the rest! If you are not from West Texas you can Google where people in your community recycle their batteries. We hope to see you in our store soon, recycling your old batteries and helping keep the West Texas community clean!

Recreational batteries and you!

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Spring is here, and with spring comes sunshine and more travel!  Before you decide to take out any of your recreational vehicles it’s important to make sure they are working properly.  This includes checking the battery before taking a trip whether it is on a motorcycle or water craft.  A dead battery can put a damper on any occasion; trust me I know from experience!  So don’t make the mistake I did, make sure you are prepared so you can stay on the road or riding the wake.

Motorcycle Batteries

motorcycle-batteries-battery-joeBefore any trip it is important to check your bikes health: tires, engine and you guessed it, the battery! Battery Joe makes the last check simple, just bring your bike in for a quick battery “check up.” If your bike doesn’t check out, we have a wide variety of bike batteries available.  Tip: To help your battery stay healthy, store the battery where it will not freeze in the cold winter months and use a battery maintainer like the Battery Tender Jr. (available at Battery Joe). The last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road when you could be cruising through a winding mountain pass or riding the highway to the coast.

Marine Batteries

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts about warm weather is heading to the lake. Tubing, water skiing and wakeboarding are perfect ways to beat the Texas heat!  Pulling up to the lake with a dead marine battery can ruin anyone’s day, so be prepared with one of Battery Joe’s mamarine-batteries-battery-joeny marine battery chargers with quick connect plugs.  Just like a car battery, marine batteries need to be recharged from time to time, so the best way to keep your boat alive is to keep a battery maintainer (like the Battery Tender Jr.) plugged in when you are not on the water. Keep your battery maintained so you can enjoy the lake all day rather than go home early.

Unfortunately, marine batteries do have to be replaced at some point.  But don’t worry, there is good news I promise!  If you do have to replace your marine battery, Battery Joe has a selections of batteries specially designed to operate under marine conditions. Besides, there are ways to make that new battery last even LONGER than the previous one.  All that you have to do is come to Battery Joe and pick up the aforementioned Battery Tender, some corrosion preventatives and new battery tie downs if yours are broken or missing.  Keeping your battery charged, clean and tightly secured will ensure a long life and security while you are on the water.

So before you hit the lake or the open road stop by Battery Joe to learn about battery health for all your recreational vehicles!