Solar & Wind Renewable Batteries

Solar Batteries, Wind Batteries and More For Renewable Energy Needs

Battery Joe provides all of your battery needs for Solar Energy, Wind Energy and other Renewable Services. With locations in Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, Abilene, and Waco, Texas, Battery Joe will connect you with the right battery for your project and/or your current set up. Interested in adding an off-grid solar system or off-grid wind power system to your home or business? Connect with your Local Battery Joe in the link below or email our renewable energy expert, Josh Brumm, and we will help you set up the best system at a cost-efficient price.

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Batteries For Solar Energy

Whether you have a Solar Electric System or a Photovoltaic Electric System for your household or commercial property, Battery Joe will connect you with the right batteries for the job! Common batteries for solar energy we carry include the XE16, CB1270-F1, CB1280-F1, CB12180, CB12350, CB12550, CB12750, and TROJAN T-105.

Batteries For Wind Energy

Battery Joe also provides batteries for your wind energy storage needs. Regardless of how big or small your off grid wind turbine setup is, we will find and connect you with the correct batteries at a cost-efficient price. For wind power, we carry the XE16, CB1270-F1, CB1280-F1, CB12180, CB12350, CB12550, CB12750, TROJAN T-105. We also carry Relion which includes the: RB35, RB40, RB75, and RB200.

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Along with Solar Energy, Wind Energy, and all Renewable Battery Services, Battery Joe also provides a variety of additional services and batteries in other areas including: Car Batteries, Powersport Batteries, Marine Batteries, Golf Cart Batteries, Lawn & Garden Batteries, Household Batteries, and more. We even offer same day services at your location within each market for Car Battery Installations and Testing. Connect with your Battery Joe store below for contact information, directions to the store, or for any questions you may have.

Reviews and Testimonials

At Battery Joe we aim to provide the best services in a variety of areas including car battery testing, car battery installation, and more! We will always go the extra mile when it comes to availability.

Donica J. - Abilene, Texas

"Great customer service! We were just passing through town and needed a battery for our older model phone, but they didn't have a new one that fit. So the service guy then proceeded to look through their box of batteries that were going to be recycled, and he found one that worked!!! Super friendly, helpful, and professional service!!"

Justin K. - Abilene, Texas

"They worked quickly and were reasonable in price. My teenage daughter has broken her phone several times and every time they have fixed it quickly. They have saved us so much money!"

Jason M. - Midland, Texas

"Great experience! They completed my repair in less than 45min on a Sat, in Midland!!! Couldn't have been more friendly, HIGHLY recommend!"

Sharmin H. - Amarillo, Texas

"I have always gotten good service! The staff are very knowledgeable and always answer my million zillions of questions! I have referred friends and will continue to do so. Great place!"

Javier V. - Lubbock, Texas

"All your battery needs from boat,car,toys and watches. I had batteries for both my watches replaced the staff was curtious and very professional."