The Right Time to Replace Your Phone Battery

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With more and more people experiencing slower speeds on their iPhones and Android devices it is important that older batteries are not overlooked as the main corporate. Along with slower performance times, most people might not know some of the other signs that it is indeed time to swap that old battery out. If you have had your phone for quite some time (over two years) or have seen a gradual decline in your battery’s phone life then take note of these other potential signs below.

The Phone Works Great…When Plugged In

One of the easiest signs to identify an Android or iPhone battery issue is testing the device when plugged in and from the battery. When in battery mode, if you notice your phone only works for a minute or not at all then it is almost certain that you have a battery issue. Need a 2nd opinion? Our staff at Battery Joe offer FREE inspections and Quotes of any Android or iPhone device!

Your Smartphone is Running Hot. Real Real Hot

Under normal circumstances, your iPhone or Android will run warm when it’s running high performance applications or numerous processes at once. Within the phone, the lithium-ion batteries are shielded from other parts of your phone to prevent overheating and are also made to internalize the heat created. The issue arises when your phone goes from warm to very hot. Especially when charging your iPhone or Android. If you are experiencing this issue with your phone then it is for sure time to get your battery replaced.

The Battery is Swollen/Outgrown the Phone Case

A swollen phone battery is one of the main indicators that you need a replacement. If you are uncertain if the battery is swollen or not, other issues to check include: a hazy white screen, movement of the screen when the edge are pinched on your phone, and/or separation of the screen to the body of the phone. If you detect any of these issues, be sure to take your phone to the nearest Battery Joe where we can fix it for you and replace your phone battery. Otherwise, be extremely cautious when removing the battery as you do not want to puncture it.

Rest assured, if you do begin seeing the issues mentioned above, there is a much cheaper option than replacing the entire phone. Along with replacing phone batteries, Battery Joe also offers screen replacements, tablet repairs, and a variety of other battery services with FREE installations and quotes included.