The Right Battery Booster For You

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You are traveling cross-country during the hottest part of the Summer and spend the night at an Airbnb close to the Grand Canyon with your family. The following morning, the day starts off on a bad note – your car will not start and you are miles away from a technician available for help!!! How can you be prepared for this???

Simple Answer: Purchase a Battery Booster for your car!

What Is A Battery Booster?

A battery booster (also known as a portable jump starter) is an easier and more convenient way to jump start your vehicle’s dead battery. Rather than using jumper cables from a powered car to your car containing the dead battery, the battery booster is only needed making the process much simpler. In addition, a second car is not needed which helps you if you are in extreme remote areas where a second car is not available.

What Kind Is Right For Me?

The type of battery booster which is right for you depends on the type of battery your vehicle contains. At Battery Joe, we recommend going with the NOCO Battery Boosters as these feature safety technology which provide spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protections. In addition to being a battery booster, this line also doubles as a portable power source for recharging USB devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Within the battery boosters our store recommends and provides, the boosters can be categorized into four separate version based on your vehicle:

  • Sport & Car (4650 joules)
  • Car & Truck (7000 joules)
  • Heavy Duty (15700 joules)
  • Professional (22500 joules)

To get more information, check out NOCO’s website which has further details.

Whether you plan on traveling cross country or you would like to simply have a quick fix to your car battery not starting, battery boosters are highly recommended for your next drive. Want to learn more? Visit our store where our associates will help you find the right booster for your specific car. In addition, Battery Joe offers the best prices you will find in town!