Marine Batteries

Don’t let a bad battery keep you out of the water! Nothing spoils a getaway like a dead battery. Let Battery Joe keep your batteries clean, dry, and charged so you’re always ready for your trip to the lake.

Like most batteries, marine batteries naturally lose charge over time so it’s important to make sure that it’s constantly charging. If the power drops below 12.2V, harmful sulfate and corrosion start to form which will ultimately kill your battery. There’s no reason to constantly replace your batteries if you just take care of them. We offer inexpensive, low voltage maintenance chargers that can be used safely for months at a time and which are equipped with quick-connect plugs, making them fast and easy to use. Batteries are harder to replace than they are to maintain, so make sure you stop by Battery Joe and get everything you need to keep your marine batteries going.

  • deltran_battery_tender
  • Battery Joe carries a variety of chargers, including the Deltran Battery Tenders and NOCO Genius 1100 and 3300 series chargers which are the perfect solution for maintaining and extending the life of your marine batteries.
Corrosion Prevention
  • whip
  • Use corrosion preventative on all connections.

    Using corrosion preventatives on all your battery connections is another vital step to keeping your marine batteries in tip-top shape. A clean connection is the strongest connection. Helpful products like “Whip” coat and protect vulnerable connections from water damage. Another remedy is to apply lithium grease or petroleum jelly which act the same way so be sure to keep some handy. Don’t let bad things happen to good batteries.

    Pro Tip:

    Make sure you apply the corrosion preventative after you’ve already installed the new battery. If you apply it before the cables are connected, it will get in between the cable and terminal and slow down your battery’s power flow. Keep your batteries clean and protected to have the time of your life.