Jumpstarting A Car Without Another Car

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Jump Starting a Car with a Booster Pack from Battery Joe

Jump starting a car is, unfortunately, something many people have had to do over the years, and always, it seems, in the worst circumstances. It used to be that you had to wait for a family member or the kindness of a stranger to help you jump your car. This also meant you had to carry jumper cables around or hope that this stranger or family member had a set in their car. Luckily with the advancement of modern technology and advancements in lithium battery technology, you no longer need a second car or person to help you jump your car. Using a booster pack will help you get your car back up and running in no time!

A Booster Pack should be carried in your Car

The first thing you need is obviously a booster pack in your car. This, and a spare tire, are probably two of the most important accessories to always have in your vehicle. At Battery Joe, we stalk a variety of high-efficiency chargers in many different sizes. Make sure that the charger you get is rated to you’re your particular vehicle. It’s also important to make sure your booster pack is charged. Having a dead booster pack is completely useless. Check it every 30-90 days to make sure it is fully operational so you can have it when you need it.

How to use a Booster Pack

So, your car battery is dead, your booster pack is charged and ready to save you, so what now?

Turn of Your Vehicle

Make sure your vehicle is turned off!!! Do not mess with any part of your car’s battery without the ignition being off first.

Locate your Battery

Pop your hood and locate your battery, typically it is a black box, and will have a red and black rubber stopper over two metal posts. DO NOT EVER allow the black and red clamps on the booster pack to touch each other or touch a common metal conductor. This can cause damage to your battery pack, your vehicle battery, and can cause a spark or explosion.

Connect the Battery Pack to Your Car Battery

Make sure your battery pack is also off, and take the red connector, which is positive (+), and connect it to the metal post that indicates positive (+), often it will have a red rubber stopped covering the metal post. Now take the black clamp (-), which is negative, and secure it to a grounding point. Typically, this can be any metal part of the vehicle, most often the frame of the vehicle. Once this is done, turn on the booster pack and get into your car.

Try to Start Your Car

You are going to turn your ignition in bursts of 5-6 seconds, any more than that and it can damage your pack and the car. Once the engine turns over, turn off the booster pack and disconnect the black clamp FIRST. After the black clamp is disconnected, then disconnect the red clamp.

Drive Your Car

The best thing to do next is to get on the highway and drive for at least 20 minutes to recharge your battery. Once you get home, make sure you charge the booster pack before returning it to your car.

Get your battery tested at Battery Joe

Find a Battery Joe Location near you so that we can test your battery and make sure there is not any damage to the battery.

Booster Packs are Great Tools

The booster pack is a great tool to carry with you to ensure you are back on the road quickly and don’t need to rely on someone else coming to help. For more information visit our web page about Battery Joe’s Booster packs.