Golf Cart Batteries

Ever get into a game and run out of juice in the cart?…makes for a long walk. Or worse yet… you never take it to the course!

Battery Joe can provide you with tips that can significantly extend the life of your golf cart batteries. However, batteries do wear out eventually. When you buy batteries be sure to buy quality like our friends here: Crown Deep Cycle Batteries.

Keep it Charged

Don't let a bad Golf Cart Battery ruin your fun!

Joe Knows Golf Carts!

Cleaning Golf Cart Batteries

A clean well maintained battery compartment can save you a lot of money and preserve battery life. Dirty cables like these can rob you of power and reduce your batteries ability to charge.

Use a solution of 1:1 Baking soda and water and a stiff bristle brush to scrub away surface corrosion.
Use a wire brush to remove any remaining corrosion.

Charging Golf Cart Batteries

Any battery discharged below 15% of its capacity and stored for an extended period of time will begin a process called sulfating severely reducing its operating life. So Remember! Plug it in after every use!