Lithium LiOn, LiPo, LiFe, and others-

Common Use:

  • Found in almost every cordless/rechargeable application
  • New Generation Car, Motorcycle and Boat Batteries (especially electric cars)
  • Personal electronics like cellphones, cameras, laptops and tablets
  • Newer cordless tools and testing equipment

Charging Tips:

  • They prefer frequent, partial charges and will not develop a memory
  • Use only regulated chargers specifically designed for your device/battery
  • Never charge a lithium battery with physical damage or visual deformities
  • It is normal for a lithium battery to get warm when charging but if it becomes very hot to the touch then discontinue use and contact a professional.
  • Like all batteries never store for long periods with no charge, always charge your batteries before storing them.
  • If left for long periods without use, the circuitry in a lithium battery can “go to sleep” having the battery “boosted” by a company like ours with the correct equipment can sometimes “wake” it up.