AGM Absorbed Glass Mat

Common Use
  • Car/truck battery replacement
  • High quality & high performance for project cars
  • Fire trucks, Ambulances, Police cursers or anything that has to start every time
  • Vehicles with a lot of electronics of large sound systems
  • Anyone looking for the ultimate in reliability and power for their vehicle.
  • High compression motorcycles.
  • Use only chargers specifically designed for SLA batteries
  • Never use a charger with a de-sulfating setting on these batteries.
  • As with all batteries be careful of connecting positive cables to positive post and negative to negative
  • Most can withstand a higher rate of charge but we do not recommend anything over 20 Amps
  • Never store with low voltage!
  • Use a battery maintainer when storing the vehicle longer than 2 weeks. This device keeps the battery fully charged at all times, especially important on AGM batteries
  • Always remove from charger promptly after charging or use a charger with a maintenance setting