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Battery Joe has two store locations in Amarillo, Texas with device services and Batteries For Everything! We carry Car Batteries for all vehicle makes and models including Cars, Trucks, SUVs and more with AGM Car Batteries available as well! Our Car Battery Services in Amarillo include FREE Car Battery installs and FREE Car Battery Testing. Battery Joe even provides same day Car Battery installations at your location within the city limits of Amarillo! We also carry a variety of other batteries including: Powersport (ATV/UTV) Batteries, Marine Batteries, RV Batteries, Golf Cart Batteries, Household/Alkaline Batteries, Lawn & Garden Batteries, and much more in our Amarillo market. Scroll down the page for store details or click the above links to connect with your Battery Joe location in Amarillo, Texas.

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Battery Joe South Georgia Street

Battery Joe,
S. Georgia Street

Store Hours
MON-FRI: 7:56AM - 7:04PM
SAT: 8:56AM - 6:04PM
Store Location
2300 S. Georgia Street Amarillo, TX 79109
store phone number
(806) 331-0022
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Battery Joe 45th Avenue

Battery Joe,
SW 45th Avenue

Store hours
MON-FRI: 7:56AM - 7:04PM
SAT: 8:56AM - 6:04PM
Store Location
7410 SW 45th
Amarillo, Texas 79119
Store Phone Number
(806) 331-7986
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Battery Joe Car Batteries

Amarillo Car Batteries

Our Battery Store locations in Amarillo provide quality long-lasting car batteries for just about every vehicle make and model. We have vehicle batteries for everyday Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Luxury Cars and High Performance vehicles including AGM Car Batteries. We provide FREE Car Battery Installations and FREE Car Battery Testing at all Amarillo store locations! In addition, we offer these same day services at your location within the city limits of Amarillo! Click the link below or call one of our store locations to find the right battery for your vehicle.

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Battery Joe Power Sport Batteries

Power Sport Batteries In Amarillo

Battery Joe in Amarillo has the latest technology in power sport batteries and the properly trained experts to install those batteries. We carry batteries for ATVs, UTVs, and much more including Conventional Batteries, Maintenance Free Batteries, Lithium Batteries, and AGM Factory Sealed Batteries. Have another vehicle type you need covered? Battery Joe also carries Motorcycle Batteries, and Personal Watercraft Batteries. We also offer free battery testing and free battery installations at all of our Amarillo Battery Joe locations.

Motorcycle & Powersport Batteries
Battery Joe Boat & Marine Batteries

Amarillo Boat & Marine Batteries

Battery Joe carries a variety of marine batteries for your boating needs. Selections include Starting Marine Batteries, Dual Purpose Marine Batteries, and Deep Cycle Marine Batteries. Our experts at each Amarillo Battery Joe location are also ready to answer any questions for you and will connect you with the right battery. Whether you need a battery for your depth finder, fish locator, or your speed boat, ski & wakeboard boat, pontoon boat, bowrider, or fishing boat, Battery Joe Amarillo will have the right battery for you with free testing included.

Amarillo Marine Batteries
Battery Joe Golf Cart Batteries

Amarillo Golf Cart Batteries

Our Amarillo Battery Joe store locations provide quality golf cart batteries for any make and model. This includes 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt golf cart batteries. The Battery Joe store associates will help track down the right battery for your golf cart. Free testing and installations are included at all Battery Joe locations in Amarillo. Learn more about our Golf Cart Batteries in the link below.

Golf Cart Batteries
Battery Joe Lawn & Garden Batteries

Amarillo Lawn & Garden Batteries

Battery Joe is your go-to location when it comes to your Lawn & Garden Battery. Our batteries provide plenty of cranking amps for both lawn tractors and lawn mowers. We also provide free testing for all lawn batteries and will also assist for any installations needed. The Battery Joe stores in Amarillo also carry batteries for Chipper shredders, turf vehicles, snow blowers, tillers,. Vacuum cleaners, weed eaters, weed trimmers, and more. Learn more about our garden batteries and services in the provided link.

Lawn & Garden Batteries