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Find the latest discounts at your Battery Joe Abilene store location (Buffalo Gap Road by Tropical Smoothie and Starbucks) on our Coupons Page. We have all of your battery needs in the Abilene area with free Car Battery Replacements and free Car Battery Testing! Battery Joe also specilizes in quality same day iPhone repairs at a cost-efficient price for all models with same day services and delivery to your location within the Abilene city limits. Our team can pick up your phone or tablet at your location in town, repair it, and deliver it back to you all within the same day! We fix cracked iPhone screens starting at $49.99, and complete iPhone battery replacements starting at $24.99 for the Abilene area with same day services. Additional Battery Joe device repair services include: Charging Port Repairs, Phone and Tablet Speaker Repairs, Home Button Repair, Power Button Repair, Microphone Repair, and more. In addition, our team provides FREE Device evaluations! We recommend bringing your phone or tablet to our store, and our repair team will provide a price quote, and a list of needed repairs all free of charge. View our pricing for common iPhone Screen repairs below, and contact us for any specific pricing for your device through our device repair guide, or through our Abilene Store Location: Battery Joe iPhone Screen Replacements - 2024 Discount Device Repair Pricing

Battery Joe Locations

Abilene Battery Joe

Battery Joe has one location in Abilene, Texas on Buffalo Gap Road with Same Day Device Services and Batteries For Everything! Our services include same day iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, Samsung Repair, and FREE Installs and Testing with all batteries. In need of a car battery replacement? We carry Car Batteries for all vehicle makes and models including Cars, Trucks, SUVs and more with AGM Car Batteries available as well! In addition, Battery Joe even offers same day remote car battery services at your Abilene location including FREE jump starts. We also carry a variety of other batteries including: Powersport (ATV/UTV) Batteries, Marine Batteries, RV Batteries, Golf Cart Batteries, Household/Alkaline Batteries, Lawn & Garden Batteries, SLA, and much more. Scroll down the page for service and product details or click the link above to connect with your Battery Joe location in Abilene, Texas.

Services, Device Repair & More

Battery Joe provides quality, same-day Cell Phone and Tablet Repairs along with batteries for everything for the Abilene community. We have you covered for Car, Marine, Powersport, Lawn & Garden, Watch, Household Batteries, and more. We also carry numerous accessories, gadgets and seasonal items with savings through our monthly coupon discounts which can be found here. All Car Batteries include FREE installations and FREE testing. We even provide same day services at your location within Abilene for both repair and battery services! Browse our services and products in the links below. We are open 8am-7pm Monday through Friday and 9am-6pm on Saturday with our store location on Buffalo Gap Road in Abilene.

Automotive Car Batteries at Battery Joe

Automotive Batteries ►

Batteries for your Car, SUV or Truck including AGM with FREE installs & testing. In addition, we offer FREE same day on-site services in town.

Quality iPhone Repairs at Battery Joe

iPhone Repairs ►

We repair all iPhone models including screens, Battery Replacements, Charging Ports, and more! iPhone Screen Repairs start at only $49.99!

Quality iPad Tablet Repairs at Battery Joe

iPad Tablet Repairs ►

Our repair experts complete quality iPad repairs for all makes and models. Tablet Repairs include: Screen, Battery, Charging Port, and more.

Household Alkaline Batteries at Battery Joe

Household Batteries ►

At Battery Joe, we have Batteries for Everything including all batteries for your household. 48 Total AA or AAA Alkaline for only $10.99!

Phone Accessories at Battery Joe

Phone Accessories ►

We carry all of your needed phone accessories including: Android & iPhone Cases, Charging Cables, Charging Blocks, Phone Mounts, etc.

Battery Chargers, Boosters, and Jump Starters at Battery Joe

Boosters & Chargers ►

Battery Joe has you covered for jump starters, boosters, and chargers for your battery needs including: NOCO, Battery Tender, and more!

Powersport Batteries at Battery Joe

Powersport Batteries ►

Batteries for your ATV, UTV, & Personal Watercraft. We carry: Lithium, Maintenance Free, Conventional, AGM Factory Sealed, and more.

Golf Cart Batteries at Battery Joe

Golf Cart Batteries ►

Quality Batteries for all Golf Cart Makes and Models. Free testing included! Brands include Trojan, Contientnal and more.

Boat & Marine Batteries at Battery Joe

Boat/Marine Batteries ►

Battery Joe carries numerous marine batteries: Starting, Deep Cycle, and Dual Purpose Batteries. We also carry AGM Marine Batteries.

Camper and RV Batteries at Battery Joe

Camper, RV Batteries ►

Our selection of RV batteries ensure a smooth trip that won’t leave you stranded including: AGM, Flooded, and Gel Deep-Cycle Lead Acid.

Lawn Mower Batteries at Battery Joe

Lawn Batteries ►

Your go-to destination for lawn tractor batteries providing plenty of cranking amps. We'll find the right batteries for your equipment.

Seasonal Items at Battery Joe

Seasonal Items ►

Battery Joe has you covered for seasonal items including: Tumblers, Coolers, and more. View our selection for both in-store and online!

College & Pro Sports Merchandise at Battery Joe

Sports Merchandise ►

We cary both College & Pro Merchandise for teams including: Baylor Bears, UT Longhorns. Texas Tech, A&M, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos & more.

Farm & Ranch Agriculture Batteries at Battery Joe

Agriculture Batteries ►

Battery Joe provides all of your Commercial, Farming, and Ranching Battery needs. We will work with you to complete any custom project.

Wind & Solar Batteries at Battery Joe

Wind, Solar Batteries ►

Battery Joe has all of your battery needs for Solar Energy, Wind Energy and other Renewable Services at a cost-efficient price.

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Battery Joe Car Batteries

Abilene Car Battery Replacements

Our Battery Store location in Abilene provides quality long-lasting car batteries for just about every vehicle make and model. We have vehicle batteries for everyday Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Luxury Cars and High Performance vehicles including AGM Car Batteries. We provide FREE Car Battery Installations and FREE Car Battery Testing! In addition, we offer these same day services at your location within the city limits of Abilene! Click the link below or call our Battery Joe Abilene location on Buffalo Gap Road by Tropical Smoothie to find the right battery for your vehicle.

Abilene Car Batteries
Battery Joe iPhone Repair

iPhone Screen Replacements in Abilene

Along with ‘Batteries For Everything,’ Battery Joe also specializes in iPhone Screen Repairs of all makes and models. Find all screen repair prices here or in the link below. Our trained technicians use high-quality parts which sets us apart from our Abilene competitors. In addition, every repair is secure repair certified which guarantees that any personal information on your phone is not opened or modified in any manner. All iPhone Screen Repairs are covered under a lifetime warranty. We also provide same day repair services at your Abilene location. Screen Replacements include: iPhone 6 Screen Repairs, iPhone 7 Screen Repairs, iPhone 8 Screen Repairs, iPhone 10 Screen Repairs, iPhone 11 Screen Repairs, and iPhone 12 Screen Repairs. We also complete screen repairs for the Pro and Pro Max iPhone models.

iPhone Screen
Repair Pricing
Battery Joe Phone Repair

iPhone Battery Replacements in Abilene

Battery Joe also fixes and replaces iPhone batteries in Abilene. This includes batteries for all makes and models of the iPhone. iPhone Battery Replacements at Battery Joe usually take between 15 minutes and one hour to complete. We also offer this service at your Abilene location through our Pick-Up & Delivery Service. Click the link below to see prices for iPhone Battery Replacements in Abilene.

iPhone Battery
Repair Pricing
Battery Joe Cell Phone Batteries

Android & Samsung Phone Repairs In Abilene

Our Battery Joe repair team also completes Android and Samsung repairs. This includes screen replacements, battery replacements, charging port replacements, speaker repairs, and more for models including Samsung (such as the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S21), Motorola smartphones, LG smartphones, and more. For pricing, please call our Abilene Battery Joe location, or use our Repair Guide to find your device on this page here.

Abilene Phone Repair Guide
Battery Joe Power Sport Batteries

Powersport Batteries In Abilene

Battery Joe in Abilene has the latest technology in power sport batteries and the properly trained experts to install those batteries. We carry batteries for ATVs, UTVs, and much more including Conventional Batteries, Maintenance Free Batteries, Lithium Batteries, and AGM Factory Sealed Batteries. Have another vehicle type you need covered? Battery Joe also carries Motorcycle Batteries, and Personal Watercraft Batteries. We also offer free battery testing and free battery installations at our Abilene Battery Joe location.

Motorcycle & Powersport Batteries
Battery Joe Boat & Marine Batteries

Abilene Boat & Marine Batteries

Battery Joe carries a variety of marine batteries for your boating needs. Selections include Starting Marine Batteries, Dual Purpose Marine Batteries, and Deep Cycle Marine Batteries. Our experts at Battery Joe Abilene are also ready to answer any questions for you and will connect you with the right battery. Whether you need a battery for your depth finder, fish locator, or your speed boat, ski & wakeboard boat, pontoon boat, bowrider, or fishing boat, our Battery Joe Abilene location will have the right battery for you with free testing included.

Abilene Marine Batteries
Battery Joe Golf Cart Batteries

Abilene Golf Cart Batteries

Our Abilene Battery Joe store provides quality golf cart batteries for any make and model. This includes 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt golf cart batteries. The Battery Joe store associates will help track down the right battery for your golf cart. Free testing and installations are included at our Abilene location by WalMart. Learn more about our Golf Cart Batteries in the link below.

Golf Cart Batteries
Battery Joe Lawn & Garden Batteries

Abilene Lawn & Garden Batteries

Battery Joe is your go-to location when it comes to your Lawn & Garden Battery. Our batteries provide plenty of cranking amps for both lawn tractors and lawn mowers. We also provide free testing for all lawn batteries and will also assist for any installations needed. Our Battery Joe Abilene location also carries batteries for chipper shredders, turf vehicles, snow blowers, tillers,. Vacuum cleaners, weed eaters, weed trimmers, and more. Learn more about our garden batteries and services in the provided link.

Lawn & Garden Batteries