We are experts at cell phone repair!

Did you drop or break your phone? Our highly trained repair technicians are ready to fix cell phones, iPhones, tablets, and iPads. Our fast, friendly phone repair experts can keep you connected. Many phone repairs are complete in an hour. Because we want to ensure quality customer service, we give free quotes before we fix your phone or device. As a result, there are no hidden charges!

Amarillo, Lubbock & Midland Phone Repair

We are pleased to offer a full range of phone repair services in Amarillo and Lubbock. Either come to our Lubbock, Amarillo or Midland phone repair locations today to get your phone, iPad or tablet fixed while you wait!

We repair iPhone and Android Phones

We repair many different brands of devices. From iPhone to Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and more. Also we fix iPads and tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Toshiba Excite Pure and the Asus Google Nexus. View our online pricing or give us a call and stop by one of our locations.

iPhone Repair Android Phone Repair

Everyday Batteries

Battery Joe is your local expert for almost any kind of specialty battery you could ever need, but we also carry a wide assortment of everyday batteries.  Our stores are conveniently located in Lubbock and Amarillo so it is always easy to get in and out with the batteries that keep you powered every day.


Battery testing, diagnosis, and quotes are always free.

Most of all we love to be helpful! We don’t charge for every service we provide!

Free Jump Starts

Join our loyalty program today and get free jump starts.  If you find yourself ever stranded with a bad battery in a city where Battery Joe locations are, we will come and boost you for free.  If the battery is not one of ours, don’t worry we will still boost it.  Also, you can consider keeping an automotive booster pack in your car.

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Powertool Batteries & Rebuilds

Nothing is worse than picking up your favorite cordless tool and the battery being dead!  We can rebuild the batteries on most major brands of tools and also in many cases upgrade them. Powertools